Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Our house is coming along slowly but surely. We still have the decorators in....I think we've got him booked until 2012! Mind you, if you want a great decorator and you live in Suffolk then he's your man (if you don't mind a long wait).

Alice's room is now more or less completely done - all she needs is some pictures on her wall. But her blinds came at the weekend and it all looks wonderful! I will post some pictures another day. But today I want to talk about the GARDEN!

Here are some before pictures followed by the 'after' pictures!

Undergrowth and falling trellis.

Large areas of concrete where sheds once stood, and then covered over with dodgy decking.

A circular 'lawn' of pea shingle and loads of overgrown bushes.

Here's the 'lawn' without the shingle but before the grass.

We had another circular lawn put in at the top of the garden too (the two lawns are divided by that trellis you see there.

My new shed! Which has now been painted black.

Where that wheelbarrow is, we now have a pond (and four fish).

The circle going in.

That bit of hardstanding with the shed on was already there in a rectangle and the guys anglegrinded it in a semicircle to fit the edge of the lawn.

And now the finished thing:

Well, the pond needs to 'bed in' and more rocks and plants and things (hey isn't that a song by 'America'?)

Originally the trellis was covered in jasmine and a rose which I think was Rosa Albertine (for those that are interested) but they were so overgrown I cut them right (right)back but they are sprouting again so we should get flowers where we can see them next year. I've put plants in those spaces now (must take some more pictures).

The view from our patio. That is the side of another house at the end of our garden. It seems a bit close but actually none of their windows look over us so the garden is extremely private. I've now put in all my plants that were living on the allotment waiting for a garden. I now can't wait until the spring to see the garden come to life.