Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Goodbye all.

I'll be on this beach until the
13th August!

This blog is on holiday until then. Until then have fun everyone and have a great summer.

Rambling Woman.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, you are reading the blog of a laydee who is now in paid employment. NOT the job I went for though....they decided to offer it to the other candidate. But they said they were impressed with me and would I consider another job, that of Teaching Assitant. Doesn't sound as fancy as Proctor, and the pay is a scale lower but who cares....I've taken it! I need to earn some money to pay a bit of the vast mortgage we'll be getting!

Going in tomorrow to dot the i's and cross the t's.

This is my favourite restaurant in the part of Brittany we are going to. I'm beginning to get excited now....Sunday lunch at this place is FANTASTIC! It's like the best, most expensive restaurant in London, with a somellier and a crumb waiter, and the most wonderful food, yet it's not up itself, it's just LOVELY I tells you. If you can bear the music please look at the menus for total mouth watering heaven!

(not that I've been to the best, most expensive restaurant in London)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Too hot to blog

Came in tonight to discover a message on the answer phone from the school where I had my interview saying they would try and get me tomorrow.

I asked Andy 'do you think that's good news or bad?' To which he said 'bad, because if it had been good they would have left a message'. I'm trying hard to be optimistic but I fear he is right. PTB PTB PTB. I had a nice, hopeful day today, hoping I would get this job and hoping the owners of 'the house' would change their mind and accept our offer so we can get things going before we go off on Friday. Oh well, if it's bad news I'll have to instigate plan B.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hanging out for the Summer

Recipe for a good time:

A field (trying to pass as a campsite)
Three couples
Hundreds of their teenage children (mainly boys)
A variety of tents
Three portable barbeques
Sausages and other meat products
Balls of many sizes and a variety of bats to hit them with
Three dogs (two of which are mad and chase any ball)
Much laughter

And then home to my nice comfy bed.

Friday, July 14, 2006

IT's not yes, it's not no

Hello. What a week! I've had misunderstandings with friends, husbands and sisters this week. I tell you it's hard being shouted at in real life and by text!

But all's well that ends well. No one is cross now (I hope).

Had my interview to day and heard about the outcome of our offer on THAT house. Firstly, the house.....well, they aren't going to accept our offer....YET. If it's still on the market in six weeks time they will accept it. (more hope needed)

Secondly, the interview. Wow, what a long morning. I had to turn up at nine. I did and there was another candidate there too, a middle aged man, very friendly, experienced ex forces 'life's skills' lecuturer in secondary schools. My heart sank.

We were given a talking to by the head teacher. Then we had a tour of the whole school by the Deputy Head. Then we were talked to/interviewed separately by the Head of Finance (who is in charge of the support staff), then we were interviewed separately by four pupils with the deputy head sitting at the back. After a break we were interviewed separately by the Head, the Deputy Head, the Assistant Head and a Governor. I came out the interview four hours later with legs like jelly. I could have done with a gin and tonic but settled for a cappucino at Nicola's. She's a good friend, she was really genuinely interested in how I got on and SO wants us to find a house too.

They phoned up about half an hour ago to say they couldn't decide between us, we were both impressive! So they are going to take up references and I'll find out next week!

So, there have been no outright rejections today....I think that calls for CAVA!

Have a lovely weekend everyone out there!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I am a very manipulative person (flagellate flagellate)

I purposelly got my husband drunk tonight so he would agree to increase the offer on the house that I have set my heart on......he kind of has agreed providing I get the job on Friday! So, no pressure then!

Here's the've seen it before but we've decided it's the one for us.


Do you think my oldest might have self esteem issues?

I'm in a bit of a funny place at the moment. Although, I DO have FLOW, I am also feeling overwhelmed by things too. Firstly, although this issue is now resolved I've had hassle from a very old friend, which hurt my feelings somewhat. We have talked it through though. She's in a very bad place at the moment as one of her friends has just died, and she is feeling over sensitive...I won't go into it..but you all know what it's like when you have a misunderstanding with a friend.

Also, Andy is also feeling overwhelmed by his feelings of not being in control over our 'up coming' holiday. It's all been booked through me and he thinks I'm not on top of it. He has a tendency to flounce off while saying 'You've cocked up' or words to that effect. He seems to be so annoyed with me that he doesn't even look at me. I had my hair cut two days ago (at least three inches cut off) and he hasn't even noticed! Well, he needs a holiday and will soon relax when we are there. Sometimes I think he might be a bit depressed, he can't answer the phone, or make any phone calls at all. He's always been bad at it but now even if I'm on the loo and the phone rings he won't answer it. The only person he ever talks to on the phone is his mum and even then you can tell he isn't listening properly to her.

I think we all thought we'd be in a house by now. Basically we need a holiday. Roll on next Friday.

But on a brighter note! I've made another new friend. She's a teacher (DT) and also a yoga teacher. I've met her and her partner through tennis. They seem to be a cool couple - no kids. But they go to a lot of gigs and have invited us out tomorrow to see Craig (the guy's) band play.
Andy seems keen at least. Perhaps we just need a bit of time together as we've been so busy recently.

Don't bother commenting on any of's just me externalising on stuff. Nothing major really, I just like to ramble!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Here's a picture of me in my cowboy hat (seeing as you lot had done it!) Doesn't look much like a cowboy hat does it? It's frayed...which I like. I could have bothered to put a bit of makeup on couldn't I? Well, no, in my boringness I couldn't even be bothered to glam up for the world wide web.

Well, it seems I've been away for ages. Bangla Jess has now gone (for now). She'll be coming to Brittany with us in two weeks time.

I intend to STOP drinking as of tonight until the night I go to Brittany (a week on Friday).

Not only has Bangla Jess and two of her children been around but I've also been doing other things. On Thursday I went to Hampton Court Flower Show with Nicola and her friend Jane, and on Friday, I went to Swindon to meet up with my oldest friends Bridget and Caroline and their children (not forgetting Bridget's new husband too - but he disappeared off to the Marlborough Jazz Festival for the whole of Saturday) - oh, and their dogs (yawn)

So, anyway, I feel a bit stressed and boring. No house news. I gave up on the BIG house. I saw sense really. Andy has not tried to persuade me to buy the footballer's house, so we are back to the beginning, hoping that one day a house will come on the market that suits us all. I'm half tempted just to buy a place in the south of France and carry on renting here until the kids leave home and then scarper! But, no that is not to be.

I left Andy here on his own for the weekend. When I say on his own I mean with my sisters and family. He seems to have been wined and dined amply - at a restaurant one night! He also went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean! You see, I leave him for a weekend and he turns into a party animal! (well, sort of). He seemed happy when we returned from our weekend away and had managed to make most of the World Cup Party Food for the hordes that descended on us for the evening. What an exciting match! What a fool old Zizou is. His butting of the Italian player caused a large argument in our house!

See, told you I was boring...

Just remembered - When I got back from Swindon yesterday, Alice went to check on the guinea pigs in their run and they weren't there! Much panic ensued and we all got snagged and stung as we walked the periphery of our garden calling for the guinea pigs - as if! I'd asked Andy to move their run so they had fresh grass to eat and he of course (in typical Andy fashion) had not bothered to check that the run was flat on the ground and had put it on a bump so the guinea pigs made a bid for freedom! The Cemetery Two, they were for a good forty minutes. I had visions of coming across a crow pecked corpse in the corn field next door. Eventually, a little grey and white head emerged from under a box bush all of ten feet from their run. A little skirmish ensued with loud hailers, baton chargers and heat seeking cameras, but thankfully the little darlings are back in their run. Funny, though, Andy didn't think to blame himself for the escape of our pets and me and the girls were nice enough not to point the finger of blame at him either...however Botox Babe in her usual blunderbuss fashion did when I told her the story. Much as I love my oldest sister, I think she was born without the tact gene!

My visit to Hampton Court Flower Show last week was great fun and I took these pics for Lettuce:

Shed Envy!
PTB I can't upload any more for the this one will have to do for now!

This is a very lazy post. I've just reread it and it's all over the place. If it were an essay I would be told to order my thoughts better!

Oh, one last an interview for 'lesson supervisor and proctor' at local secondary school on Friday. Perhaps my days of tennis and allotment-ing are soon to come to an end, unless I can wangle a part time job out of them, though it says full time on the advert.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Midsummer madness

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Catch up!

I seem to have been chasing my tail recently......watering drying up allotments, looking at unsuitable houses, sweating, drinking with my sisters, listening to live music in the park, book clubs, shopping, looking at potentially suitable houses.......(double take - what? potentially suitable! Wanna see it?)

OK it doesn't road parking or an enormous garden.....but it does have....

fantastically, vast and architecturally interesting rooms. A south facing garden with views of the town and hills (well what passes for hills in Suffolk).

It needs refurbishing, it's a good price and I've had a quote from a builder to restore it to a family home.

Oh, and it's in a lovely area.

Andy wants to buy this one.

It's a new town house with a court yard garden. White boxes for rooms, low maintenance, low personality....can you tell what I think of it?

What say you all?