Wednesday, December 14, 2005

just a quickie! ooh er missis

thought I'd just quickly update. What a mistake starting an online blog when you are left with no broadband and have to use dial up! Hence the lack of blog. Also, we have no email at the mo so can't communicate with anyone!

So, to Rosie, whom I miss, I am fine but can I come back now?

Life here is an adjustment. We have no neighbours, just wild rabbits, deer and pheasants which franklly is no substitute for people, which I need, badlyl, being such a people person. Anyway, have been here for just one week and know it will improve the minute I make a friend, just one friend would be nice! But on the plus side, the girls are happy and LOVE the countryside. The house is vast and comfortable and we have a lovely view over fields. Andy is fine with his commute. We have a seven foot christmas tree! Things will improve for me just got to keep at it!

Will write more just as soon as this stupid broadband comes on!

Lots of love to all at E Hill, ! Missing you all lots. Lu