Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy St David's Day to my very dear Welsh friend!

Today's 'Memorial of the moment' theme is food! From the savoury to the just too sickly for words! And here they are: (Shame we don't have any cheese to go with the Krackers and Branston - No! I hear you scream, there's enough cheese there to go round!)

Yesterday, I made pancakes. Why do we only have these once a year? (apart from when we go to Brittany and have them on a near daily basis!) They are lovely, (when I get the mixture right). But I only like them with sugar and lemon (in France, I have them with onions and emmenthal, and my favourite sweet crepe filling is......wait for it..... pears, chantilly, and chocolate (or cherries instead of pears but that's not always offered) - yumm yummm. But somehow in blighty I only fancy them with lemon and sugar. It's the same with crumpets. I just love them, but only with butter and marmite - not jam or any other topping. Weird eh?

Call me shallow but when I saw David Cameron on the TV talking about his new ideas I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying but just kept looking at his fantastic kitchen! Reminds me of Wood and Walters once playing women who are discussing the previous night's news - " Did you see the 10 o'clock news?" "Oh, yes, shocking wasn't it" "Yes, absolutely shocking, I couldn't believe it" "Yes, what was she thinking wearing that blouse with that jacket!" haha

Why does my weather pixie never put a coat on even when it's -1c brrrrrrr. Makes me cold just looking at her.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Shrive, Shrove, Shriven


I have had this Amarryllis for yonks that hasn't shown any sign of any life for months. Suddenly it's started to grow! As Amaryllis's grow nearly as fast as bamboo I will post a picture of it every day - wow a virtual garden! Should be in flower by Easter! Looks rather phallic don't you think, doctor?

I have finally got my cable sorted so can also treat you all to the 'memorial of the moment'. Here's today's offerings. You may notice they are themed. Today's theme is 'DRINK' - starting from the non-alcoholic to the complete dypsomaniac! Enjoy!

And finally...

when 40% proof just isn't enough....

We, oh, sorry, should rephrase that, I, made a unilateral decision to make an offer on that house we went to see. Our offer wasn't accepted and not sure if we are prepared to offer more given the amount of work the house needed doing on it. Nevermind.

Well, just as I had the kids back at school yesterday and was looking forward to a day of 'doing exactly as I liked, thank you', hubby went and got the winter vomiting virus. I couldn't get on the computer yesterday because between trips to the loo he was surfing the net looking for pictures of Mont Ventoux, more pictures of Mont Ventoux and yet MORE pictures of Mont Ventoux. He's in training to climb this mountain at Easter (weather permitting) and is SUCH a belt and braces kind of man that he is studying every aspect of this mountain even the road surface so when he gets there he looks like he knows what he's doing! Here is a picture of Mont Ventoux for those that might be interested. (Another note to self - must get that CPR course booked!)

It's a bit of a cyclists' mecca! (oops, can I say that? Is it politically incorrect to say that now?)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dogs with accents

My friend 'N' has one of these dogs. It is a Belgian Cattle Dog, or Bouvier. Because it is Belgian, it speaks with a Belgian accent. I know this because when I was at her house on Thursday, the dog sat up at one point because she heard people outside on the street (it was then I realised her head was where I thought her bum was when she was lying down!) and instead of barking properly she did a little Gallic 'Bof'. It was hilarious. (maybe you had to be there...)

Today, we went to see another house, this one...It's been on the market for about a year and it's been 'sold' about three times. Each time the sale falls through. I've been to see it about four times now. Hubby has seen it twice. It has just come back on the market. It's a beautiful house but it has one major drawback. A house that big should have a big garden but at some time in the past the garden was sold off and now there is a new house (a bungalow) where the back garden used to be. It does still have a garden but it's pretty small.....Hard to see in the picture. But there's not much more garden than that really. However, the big upside to it, is it's location. More or less opposite the biggest and best park in Ipswich (not unlike Greenwich park really....great big expanse of green hill and big trees, arboretums, big mansion with art gallery and restaurant in, childrens area, lakes, tennis courts, the lot really. We might make an offer but Hubby's umming and aaahing over that garden....we'll see. Also, to get that location means we have to pay a premium....didn't know it was going to be so hard. Is there such a thing as a dream house?

Friday, February 24, 2006

friday on my mind.


The sun is shining here in Ipswich! My girls are still off sick. Me thinks they swing the lead a bit! But it's Friday, might as well write this week off! All my muscles have atrophied this week. I am but a blob, shuffling from one cold room to another! haha. Actually, feeling quite 'up' because I went out last night with my new friend 'N'.

We went to the pictures to see 'Hidden' (Cache -need an acute accent there). Well, what can I say? Well, quite a lot actually. A very thought provoking film which paid 'homage' to other genres. A thriller, but a different kind of thriller. A middle class family are being watched and the tapes are being sent to them wrapped in a piece of paper with a child's drawing of a person with blood gushing out of his neck. But the person filming them is not a pyscho (a la Pacific Heights) but, to my mind, the main guy's (Daniel Auteuil) conscience coming back to haunt him.

It's filmed very plainly, as if it is a surveillance film, no music, no nothing. But the suspense is briliant, a real air of menace. Very Hitchockian! There is such a shocking moment in it that really does shock. The whole cinema gasped in horror! Anyway, the more I think about it the more I like it. I 'googled' the director Michael Haneke, and haven't seen any of his other films, but I get the impression that he likes to make films that shock the middle classes out of their smugness. Quite political, as there is an Algerian theme too....the collective conscience of the French middle classes?

And on a less cerebral note, the film was long and as there was no background music, every other movement in the cinema was really loud, such as people shifting in their seats. The cinema is an art's cinema - for arts cinema read - tiny room with really hard old fashioned cinema seats The adverts were by 'Pearl and Dean' dadadadadadada dadada, dadadadadadadada DA! (if you click the link you'll get the music) Didn't think they were about any more!

After the film we went back to N's for wine and chat. Didn't leave until 12.20am! So a good time was had by all!

Still haven't got the cable for the camera so can't post my 'memorial of the moment' from my lovely back garden, as Lettuce is doing with her dillo of the day!

Bye for now....

HA HA HAHAHAHA Just heard James Blunt won worst album at the NME awards!!!!! HAhahaha

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ice cold in Ipswich

Just had a call from the school I have an interview at on Monday. They've had to reschedule the interview to the following Monday because of the funeral of the boy that was killed in the coach crash in Germany is taking place (he went to that school). Very sad. However, it suits me fine as I am stuck in with ailing children and unable to go into town to a) get a haircut and b) buy a new outfit or augment existing outfit! (Well, one has to get something new for an interview!)

Have absolutely nothing to blog today. Both girls are off school with this bug and I seem to have something similar. My head is pounding. Woke up to a white world today, snowing hard, but has turned to sleet now. It's SO blinking cold here, I SO want spring to start. The daffodils are all up and starting to form flower buds here but the weather is so freezing....brrrrrr. I'm sitting here with a blanket around me, girls are wrapped up in their duvets on sofas in front of box. I think we'll just hibernate until April.

Did a Radio Two competition to see David Gilmour in concert at the Mermaid
Theatre in London. If I get tickets I will be the happiest woman alive!

Recently discovered a new comedy programme on TV (probably years after everyone's been watching it!) called The Mighty Boosh - very very funny.

That's all for now. Crawling back to my cave....

PS: Can you guess how much I like linking now that I can do it?

PPS: If you look at the link of Dave Gilmour (David as he wants to be called now that he is a grown up) you can see the picture of him as he looked in the 70's! He SO doesn't look like that now! Don't think I would have fancied him back then - those lips, far too fleshy....a la James Blunt!

PPS: (now I just can't stop) Just heard that Roger Waters is going to play Dark Side of the Moon live for the first timein 20 years this summer at a Danish music festival. Now if you look at the before and after pictures of him in the link....well, let's just say he's much more my type!

PPPPPPSSSSS. just testing my psychic abilities here: I was thinking about Holly Hunter today and wondering when she's going to do another film.....watch this space

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

spring is springing

Hello Blog,

If anyone is thinking that spring is never going to arrive and we are still in the depths of winter then they ought to look out of my window! At any one time during the day I can count up to ten baby rabbits in my garden! They are far less shy than the parents (Don't look at me, I'm eating your grass... )and don't run away when I go out, the cheek of it! Good job I don't have any prize cabbages in my plot. I know how Mr McGregor felt!

Youngest is still off sick today. Had to cancel my tennis lesson. The tennis coach wasn't too pleased with me but it can't be helped. So, I'm stuck in again. Yesterday, I was completely inactive and spent most of my time on the computer. I think it was just a reaction to being alone again (apart from youngest, watching CBBC on sofa) after the half term! I think I need Dons' Paul McKenna CD though because yesterday between computering I ate nearly the whole of the contents of my kitchen cupboards! I watched, 'You are What you Eat' last night and thought perhaps I should start the Gillian McKeith eating regime - that woman lost 2.5 stone in 8 weeks! Mind you that buckwheat or millet porridge she gives them looks disgusting. I always think I eat healthily but then I think 'what would Gillian McKeith say?' Bloody hell, it seems the only thing we are safe eating is rabbit food......best go and join them critters on the grass then.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

comedy opportunity

Morning Blog! Do you know that I have been blogging, oh, for about three months and have omitted to say that our rented house also happens to be on the site of a 'pet cemetery'. The reason why is because I haven't got to grips with the technology of hooking up my camera to the laptop! In our old house, we had a lovely desk with computer, scanner, etc and the camera was hooked up and it was easy peasy. Because we haven't really unpacked properly, I have no idea where to find the cable. Frankly, it could be anywhere in any of the hundred or so boxes in the garage! Hubby probably knows though. I will ask him tonight and get on the case, then I will post some lovely pictures of all the gravestones of 'our lovely dog Rex' and other such gems. You see http://www.tatstips.blogspot.com (how do I make that link just, 'Tat'?), dogs can be lovable! (I went online to look for image of a pet cemetery and found an image of OUR pet cemetery!!! SO this is it! I have to point out it only takes up about a quarter of our garden)

Watching, http://bbc.co.uk/drama/lifeonmars/ (How do I make that just 'Life on Mars'?) last night it suddenly occurred to me that it's all wrong. Why? Because, in 1973 all that decor, that looks so tired and old in Sam's bedsit would have been hip and happening then. His old wallpaper would have been Sanderson's latest line. So, in fact, if they wanted to give him an old dingy bedsit they should have put sixties/fifties or before furniture and wallpaper on the wall. God, I'm becoming an anorak. As http://www.lettuceeating.blogspot.com (same again, just Lettuce?) will tell you (she is my erstwhile cinema partner), I missed my vocation and should have been a continuity expert. I'm always pointing out things in films that are wrong, especially when they try to do lots of different seasons in one film - they pretend it's summer, and put all the wrong flowers in....yada yada, yawn yawn. I'm boring myself with my train spottery tendencies.

Thought I would be FREE today as girls go back to school but youngest is complaining of bad headache and tummy ache. As I seem to have the same symptoms, I'm letting her have the day off today, so I am stuck indoors. S'pose I'd better do some housework......

My brother called me yesterday to say that his very, very rich friend who has just sold his company for about five million dollars (no exagerration) liked a painting that I had done for my bro and he'd seen it on his wall. My brother gave the rich guy my email who is thinking of ways of spending his gezillions. So, I might get a commission to paint a couple of pictures. What's touching and worrying is that my brother thinks I am talented and can dash paintings off just like that... but I have no muse at the moment, maybe the thought of earning money might just do it for me.... He said I should put my paintings on a website for people to peruse. Well, if I can't hook up the camera to the laptop, what hope is there for me? (Ed. No that's not the attitude, blogsters are cool, techno savvy people, so go find out!)

I got on the case and worked my sidebar out but can't do the inside links - someone help me please! Also, new side bar links, hope you don't mind me putting you on but saves me finding you from Tats and Trac's links!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Quick update - agent phoned me to say we didn't get the house. There were four offers at the asking price and one fifteen grand over the asking price!!!! He asked me if I wanted to up my bid! Didn't think that was allowed! I told him I didn't want the house that much to get into funny money bidding wars. So, back to the drawing board, sigh.

Ang's the Man!

Sitting here over my coffee this morning, not yet 8 am and kids are still in bed (no school till tomorrow) so thought I would record my thoughts on various things.

I watched the Bafta's last night. I thought Heath Ledger was acting in Brokeback Mountain when he did his shy, closed lips thing, but he's like that in real life - good god man, open your mouth and look me in the eye when you are speaking!

Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?) is like a lively incoherent puppy. David Putnam made me cry copiously. Dickie Attenborough is getting SO old it hurts. Isn't it sad somehow to see actors/people in the media getting older and reminding us of how we are getting older too? I was shocked to see the voice of Wallace (in Wallace and Gromit) looking so frail. It happens to us all... hopefully.

Thandie Newton impressed me, and she's an excellent actor. Rachel Weiss (sp) seemed pretty together too, and she was great in the Constant Gardener, as was our dear Ralph! (shame he's split with Francesca Annis).

I'd managed to have seen all of the films that were up for best film except Capote, which had completely passed me by somehow.

I was really glad that Crash won some awards as I thought that was a fabulous film and I really love Matt Dillon.

Lastly, Stephen Fry has become portly and very middle aged, but I'm quite fond of his pomposity and the fact he knows every word in the English language (and no doubt other languages) and uses them daily!

Oh, yes, must mention George Clooney. He used to annoy me. I used to think he was smug and had an awful smirky face. Now, I think his face is still a bit smirky but, boy, is he talented!


I also watched the news last night and was shocked to see the disaster in the Phillipines for the first time on the TV. How tragic. What with all my worrying about finding a nice house for us to live in, I also realise that it can all be taken away from us in a split second. All those people just buried under that thick mud....can't bear to think about it.


Well, that's all for now. It's now just past 8am! What a rambling woman I am! Have a great day fellow blogsters!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

weird and wonderful

We all went to the allotment, en famille today. I just had to stand back in amazement as hubby more or less rotavated the whole plot by hand!!! What is he like - he has SO much energy it's incredible. He got up today and took himself out for a 20 mile bike ride, came home, tidied up and then we went down to the allotment. Allotment people are very friendly, as everyone up here seems to be. A man came up with a chicken (live) under his arm for the girls to stroke! (just hope it hasn't got flu) . There was a man in the allotment next door but one who told me he'd just taken on the plot as he'd had a heart attack and had a quadruple bypass and he needed to get some exercise! I just worried he was going to peg out any moment! Note to self; get CPR lessons!

After the kids just got too cold (snow on the way) we drove off to look at our 'new' house! (bet we won't get it). One of the best things about it is that it has a pub in walking distance. The pub looks great, olde world blah blah, but we walked in to find we were the only ones there and now I can tell you why - the landlady!!! What a fruitcake! She wouldn't leave us alone. First thing she did was take the girls into the other bar to show them her tame rabbit! I thought she'd abducted them! Hubby ordered a pint of 'Directors' but all the beers on tap had been drained off so he had to have lager. I got the worst gin and tonic ever (in fact wasn't sure there was any gin in it) and the crisps the girls had were past their eat by date. I think she was an alchoholic actually. However, the good news is that she's off on the 3rd March (got the sack). She said she'd split up with her fiance recently and things have just gone down hill. She was about 60, and between talking to us she danced manicly to country music, miming the song to the girls!
I did feel sorry for her, but she was utterly batty.

Well, lets hope the next landlord and landlady manage to order some good beer and crisps in!!
Hubby says it's a bad sign that the pub was so bad, but I think it's a good sign that it's changing hands - ever the optimist!

Anyway, the good news is that after two pints, hubby agreed we should make an offer tomorrow for the house at the asking price! Result!

small and imperfectly formed.

Well, we think we might have found 'the one' for us. These are the pictures the agent used. Obviously they were taken in summer! Look at that wisteria!! The house is small, actually very small, only three bedrooms with the third bedroom really a box room. But the price is good so we could afford a two storey extension! Fab garden, garage, summer house, and workshop so plenty of outside space - hmmm.

Only draw back is that everyone else wants it too! Lots of offers have been made so let's see - agent says a decision will be made next week by solicitor who is acting for old lady now gone into a home.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Have got out all my back issues of Country Living looking at kitchens that are modern, yet country! Pathetic, I know.

Friday, February 17, 2006

visitors gone!

Aardvarks are SO cool!! Much bigger than I thought they were and they smell like a sweaty trainer, but in a good way!

Tonight, we had a quiet evening in front of the telly watching American Idol - such a better format than X factor! Where do the Americans get their self-confidence from? Is it their school system? And all their teeth are so white. Simon Cowell's teeth are SO straight and SO glowing white in his perma tanned face. (I know he's not American )

I'm with Trac and Dons - James Blunt is a girl, dressed as Alan Partridge. But I must admit, I do listen to his album and rather like it - but that was before I saw him in person - yes he does have wet lips....ewwwww. I just hate men with large wet lips...especially when they snog you and your mouth is full of their saliva. ewwwww again. Also, I know Madge can be a pain in the arse but she looks great doesn't she?

Well, a true ramble from the rambling woman. Goodnight.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Hi Blog,

Can't put much on today as am preparing for the arrival of Lettuce and Little Gem (her daughter!) They are coming until Friday, and hopefully Lettuce will have a nice, restful time.

I went to Sainsbury's yesterday and bought lots of lettuce, and bananas! I have just made a Lemon Drizzle cake and it's only 9.10! Made a malt loaf last night - can't eat it for three days. Haven't made malt loaf for years!

Anyway, quickly, Life on Mars - what did it for us last night? That's if anyone's still watching? Well, for me, obviously it was the bottle of Quash!!! I did wonder how they would bring water in as we just didn't have bottled water back then - can't think what we used to drink when we were out and about in those days! I suppose people took thermos's! The other thing that did it for me was the library card! Remember them? Aaah. The Casio watch didn't do it, nor did all those old fashioned clocks! I enjoyed it last night though.

So, may not be able to blog in next few days, as will be busy with Lettuce. Have booked a den making morning for the kids at Jimmys farm on Thursday and hope to go to Colchester Zoo on Thursday.

So bye for now ....... and Tat..... if you have time please tell me how to have Lettuce and Jimmy's Farm as links please?

PS: Had the strangest dream last night... dreamed I was at Dons' house and using her tumble dryer a lot. I had a suitcase to pack and her husband was there and I had feeling they wanted me to hurry up with my washing and leave! How odd is that.... have only met Dons once, have never met her husband or been to her house!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Thanks Antipo and Tat

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Real country, real close!

When we lived in London, one thing we used to do on a regular basis (well, at least three times a year) is go to France for Sunday lunch. We would take the ferry or Eurotunnel and go to a lovely restaurant on the Cap de Gris Nez called La Sirene. It was a typical French restaurant, nothing fancy, an architecutural mess of original 19c and horrible seventies and eighties add ons, but it looked out onto the English channel. The food was typical French fare, but lovely, that's why we went. The reason why I say this is that as we drove from Calais down the coast towards Boulogne over the chalk downs we used to see hundreds of men with guns and Breton spaniels hunting in the fields. 'Oh' we used to say, 'you don't see that in the UK! How we love France, it's so French!' However, today, two men with a Springer and a Black Labrador knocked on my door this morning and asked if they could ferret the bank along the side and back of our garden. They were typical country men dressed in flat caps and tweeds with their guns under their arms. So, so much for saying you don't see that in the UK anymore.

When we had our lunches in France, what we did see that you definitely don't see in the UK is dogs in the restaurant. Whilst we were eating our lunch there was a steady stream of diners entering nearly all of them with dogs, who all lay under the tables while their owners enjoyed their Sunday lunch! So glad health and safety hasn't reached France yet!

Went to see my allotment today! At the moment it's just a piece of grass that was ploughed last week by the council. I'm off with my garden fork in a mo to do my back in!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Hello Blog!

Yesterday I went to Jimmy's Farm! You know, the one off the telly. Professional city type gives it all up and sets up farm and it's all televised? Well, I had no idea it was so close to Ipswich! After tennis my 'new friend N' said "I'm off to Jimmy's farm to get some sausages. Fancy coming?' Well, with an offer like that I could hardly refuse and anyway, I say yes to all offers that come my way because I might not get asked again - I take nothing for granted, new friendships are precarious or 'prick-hairy-ass' as hubby says every time he hears that word (sigh). So we went, and it was as you would expect, a muddy farm full of trendy pigs (they are trendy you know, I mean Liz Hurley has started breeding them...um maybe they aren't then) and a great big f*** off farm shop full of all things glorious!

In my bid to create a social life for myself I also said yes to N's offer of doing an HGV challenge for charity (OMG!) I have to drive tanks, double decker buses and lorries! What on earth was I thinking? I really must learn to say no to some things!

Do you remember the hip trendy woman with the Pink Floyd covers? Well, I went to her book club evening on Wednesday night (after Olympic swimming and meeting old friend from Charlton). I had a great time. Just the sort of book club I like, lots of wine, snacky things and only half the group had read the book! Brilliant. All the women were great apart from one who came across as great but could get annoying after a while, you know , over confident, loved the sound of her own voice and liked making us laugh. But she was a character, just a slightly over the top one!

My other new friend C who owns Otley Hall invited me to make up a four in tennis at her house today. So that's where I've been, at the Hall darling. What a place! She had white peacocks strutting around! She's a really lovely person (I feel like I should say 'though' but no, she's a genuinely lovely person.)

So, half term beckons. My oldest has a Valentine's disco tonight. She's SO excited. She came out of school yesterday and said 'I really need some silver pumps for tomorrow, I've seen some in Primark, pleeeeeese can we go and get them' and me, push over that I am, took her into town to get some. She confided in me that she's bought a boy a Valentine's card and a box of Heroes (chocolates)! What?? I had to tell her straight - she's to do no funny business like kissing - 'Oh Mum' she said 'Yuck'

Hubby and I don't do Valentines. We always said that we shouldn't be pressurised into making shows of love and affection but should do them spontaneously throughout the year. Hmmmphh, as if THAT ever happens! (well, he does mend my punctures, does that count?)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

today I be mostly eating sainsburys taste the difference houmous!

hello blog.

Today, I thought how reliant I am on my husband for so many things that I have very nearly stopped being self-reliant. For example, I like riding my bike around but recently the farmers have been cutting their hedges and the roads are covered in sharp twigs. Consequently, I've sustained two or three punctures. When hubby gets home, (well I give him a few minutes to take his coat off) I say, 'Ive got a puncture, will you repair it for me so I can go out on my bike, please?' or words to that effect. Well, he does because he's good like that. But at the moment he's still suffering with his cold and last night he didn't mend my puncture. This morning the weather so was so gorgeous and the sky was so blue I just had to go out on my bike so I mended my own puncture! When I was a girl I always had my bike upside down and two of my mum's spoons to lever off the tyre, I never thought twice. Anyway, it took me a while but I managed to change the inner tube (no puncture repair kits for me!) and pumped it up. I was so proud of myself. I cycled round to my tennis lesson (yes, I know) but half way there was a noise and then all the air just rushed out of my tyre! What did I do wrong? I wheeled it to the tennis club, had my lesson and then popped round to my sister's (who lives nearby) to blow it up, but the pump just pumped and the air just escaped. Boy, am I crap! Now I have to rely on hubby again, but this time I will ask him to give me a master class in changing inner tubes...

You know the hip woman with Pink Floyds pictures who invited me to her book club? Well, I emailed her and heard nothing. But got home today and there was a message on answer phone from her (she must have got my number from agent - is that allowed?) to say the book club is tomorrow and I could come to hers first and we could go together. How nice is that? Well I won't be able to read the book in 24 hours but who cares!

Well, that's all for now, blog... seeing that old friend from Charlton tonight.

And on a less domestic note.....as Trac says 'has the world gone mad?' I think we should fight for freedom of speech. This jailing of Abu Hamza worries me....did he really do the things they said he did? Where's his freedom of speech? Yes, he's extreme, but has he actually done anything? Has he been stitched up, made an example of? I wonder if any British publication will replicate the cartoons as they have done in France in defiance. Hmmm.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Our shower is small and walled on three sides with a shower curtain over the open side. This morning I got into the shower, turned the water on and then pulled the curtain over only to find myself face to face with the thing in the picture! It was about 4 inches from my face and looked like it was actually licking it's lips! The funny things on its bum (you can see in the picture) were opening and closing in readiness to latch onto my only too abundant flesh. This might be what saved me in fact, it just couldn't decide which acre of flesh to jump on! Oh boy, did I scream! My girls were short of a whole hamper at a picnic as they refused to get a glass and a piece of paper. Somehow the glass and paper were infected with spider! So what did I do? Brave woman that I am, I slowly pulled the shower curtain back across so the spider was enveloped in the folds of the curtain and as far as I am aware, he or she is there still, wondering why it went all dark and where it's dinner went! It's dinner scarpered that's what! That's the problem when the weather momentarily warms up, the spiders all come out looking for a square meal (or a rotund one in my case)

Got a letter in the post today inviting me to come for an interview, 27th February for the Secondary Teacher's course. It said that the interview will last three hours and I will expected to do some English GCSE questions to prove I do actually know something about English! Well, dear blogsters who read this may have noticed that my grammar is poor and my spelling is sloppy! I use far too many commas and exclamation marks!, I've been on to Amazon and ordered an English Grammar book. You would never believe that I used to teach English as a Foreign Language! I've just become lazy in my old age and I never go back over my work and check it. Expect better grammar from now on, innit!

My oldest daughter made some bread last night. We cooked it this morning. Sadly the girls are at school so are not able to sample warm, homemade bread, but their mother is! She is greatly enjoying the loaf and finding it very hard not to finish it! (exclamation mark) Where did my diet go? I have no self control....

Monday, February 06, 2006

I like to think that at my tender age of 41 I still have plenty of experiences to ...um experience, and today I had an new experience, never before experienced! I happened to stop at the Benefit counter of my local department store. Whoa Nelly! Why have I never stopped here before? The only problem was which product to buy? I couldn't buy everything though I was sorely tempted! Now, my fellow blogsters who have had the Benefit experience, which is the BEST product to buy? I fancied the thing for your eyes that stops the eyeshadow from creasing, or that stuff on your face to give you a glow? In the end I bought nothing because I just couldn't decide.

Last night the phone rang and it was a woman who I used to know in Charlton. She has a daughter the same age as my oldest and they were in Reception class together. Her daughter J came to H's parties and to play and all that but I never got to know the mum all that well. Anyway, when J was in reception they moved to Ipswich! So six years later, the two girls are going to meet up again. How did she know I was in Ipswich? Well, it transpires she works with my sister who gave her my number! Brill! We're meeting up on Wednesday. Things are definitely looking up in this town!

I enquired today about getting an allotment! I'll keep you posted blog!

PS: The picture is an Impressionists impression of the pub we went to yesterday for lunch! The Maybush at Waldringfield.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm touched. (no don't comment)

Hello blog, just thought I'd record why I am so touched! Went to see this lovely Georgian house yesterday. Took hubby, who had his very sensible head on. In the cold light of day we realised that the area is just a bit too dodgy to let pubescent daughter wander alone. The house

is perfect but the next door house is a very large mansion type thing with lots of horrible additions on the back and is a centre for dysfunctional families (I was told). So, sadly, I had to see sense. But, this is why I'm touched; the woman (hip one with the Pink Floyd photos) wasn't there, her mother (or mother in law) showed us round, but she (the woman) left me a note inviting me to join her Book Group! Oh, how nice people are! I hope she's mature enough to still want to be my friend now that we're not buying her house!

After we'd been to see this house we went to the Volvo Garage (oh my God, I read the Torygraph, listen to Radio 2, and now we're going to buy a very sensible Volvo!) Looks like we're going to get one....hehehe.

H went to town with another group of friends yesterday and returned unscathed. I was a little more relaxed about it too. She's been having friend problems at school recently. They've been getting into little cliquey groups and one of her hitherto good friends has started ignoring her. Coupled with this, personal comments about her appearance have been said, which was making her upset and not wanting to go to school. I went to see her teacher, who I thought would be completely ineffectual - he's a bit of a wishy washy man (I thought). But no, give the man a medal (in fact I want to send him a thank you card, but H won't let me!). He got all the girls into the library and gave them a talking to about friendships, and personal comments etc. He also, said that H had been upset by their behaviour. The perps apologised and said they hadn't realised they were being hurtful. Let's hope this is the beginning of a happier H at school.

Finally, a big welcome to LettuceEater.

Friday, February 03, 2006

sublime to subliminal

My friend S (who I'm always on the MSN with) has had a problem with her sleep patterns since time immamorial (have NO idea how to spell that word). Well, ask her anything about ways of getting to sleep or staying asleep and she will tell you, but so far none of them completely effective. However, I heard on the radio (yes, radio 2) that lettuce has a soporific effect and should be eaten before retiring! I passed this nugett of information onto my friend S, who quite frankly is desperate for good night's sleep and willing to do anything! Anyway, last night, whilst Question Time was on (incidently) she happened to come on line (we are always signed in on laptop) and we had a chat. She said she was just about to eat some lettuce and a banana and a warm cup of milk. Well, we discussed sleep for some time and then she went off to bed (after eating her lettuce). But for some reason I was completely wide awake! I stayed up and watched the Culture Show (very good actually) then went to bed although I was still wide awake. Then, I just couldn't get off to sleep - this never happens to me! I think my friend S, in her bid to find sleep cures did some funny voodoo on me over t'internet! Bet she slept like an effing log last night!

Hubby arrived back from Scotland, safe and sound, but with a cold! We partook of a bottle of cabernet stroke shiraz and a large packet of walkers sweet chili sensation crisps. Do you think this might have had some effect on my not sleeping......hmmmm

Oldest child has been invited to play at child of my swinging friend tonight!? I told hubby about this woman. I think it's the only time I've had his complete, undivided attention for more than five minutes!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

you'll never believe what's happened to me (say in Cath Tate voice)

Good afternoon, blogsters. I know I have got some lurkers out there. Lurkers! You know who your are! Leave some juice for luce!

Well, two funny things happened to me yesterday. When I was sitting at Olympic Swimming lessons for two hours (because Hubby in Scotland had to take both kids and wait around) I got talking at length to a woman who's kids go to my kids' school. Ooooooh er, did she tell me some juicy gossip. Listening? Well, (fold your arms here and hitch up your boobs) her husband only got up and left her last year didn't he? And, not only that, he left her for her friend, another mum in the playground. Oooh no, really, (I hear you gasp). BUT not only that. Before he upped and left her, theywere all friends together, this woman, her hubby, and the other woman's hubby (following?) When I say 'friends' I mean friends in the biblical sense! YES! Swing out sister!

Now, if this was the only thing that had happened to me yesterday, I would have thought 'that's it I'm going back to Charlton, this place is just TOO small town for me). But I went to see two houses that had just come on the market. The first one was owned by an artist. She was lovely and her house was too small but lovely. She had a tame rabbit and chickens in the garden. I just thought to myself 'can I be your friend please?' But alas, I was just looking at her house.
The other house we went to see was fabulous and I think I'd like to buy it. It, too was owned by really hip people with limited edition prints of Pink Floyd album covers on wall. Big Georgian house, LUVERLY proportions. Sadly, though ,it's opposite the YMCA, and the road is a bit run down (ie, big houses , but lots of them flats or centres for the deaf, or something, you know what I mean)

Well, had two hours of wonderful tennis today, followed by coffee. My new friend Wendy's husband turned up at the end and he was really nice and personable so that bodes well!

Bye for now.......

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My name is Rambling Woman, and this much I know

..... it's Trac's 41st birthday......happy birthday Trac. Go celebrate at Costa Coffee in Woolwich!

..... an eagle owl is on the loose in Ipswich. Do you think this is the reason for the lack of pheasant and all other bird life in my garden? We did have woodpeckers but they seem to have gone too.

....I'm having a ginger phase ..... ginger biscuits, ginger tea, ginger in my stir fries, yoghurt coated ginger from health food shop.

.....tat is the most useful person in the blogsphere

......yesterday I found all the charity shops in Ipswich. Only the BIGGEST heart foundation shop ever...it was a warehouse with an upstairs with furniture and stuff.

.....and wasn't the cellophane covered lucozade a blast from the past in LIfe on Mars.

.....that my neighbours are great, cos they phoned me last night to see if I was OK on my own without hubby. (what lovely people)

...... that I've never watched 'house' or 'csi' but their adverts are good.