Monday, June 25, 2007



I didn't think I'd ever reach this point. And now, only one week until we get the keys and kick the previous owners out if they haven't left the very minute of completion! I shall kick them out and throw their furniture after them shouting "Get off my land!"

Andy and I have very sensibly got a budget so we know how much we have to spend on making the house our own.

We move in on the 12th and if, all going to plan we will have; newly sanded floors on the ground floor, two new Victorian fireplaces in the reception rooms (at the moment there are none), newly decorated bedrooms, new carpet in the bedrooms, a newly plastered utility room, a pump on the water system, a new shower in one of the bathrooms....phew. The organisation it has taken to find people to a) quote for these jobs and then b) be available for the time we wanted them has been a mammoth task, which still isn't finished.

So, I shall try not to focus on the 'owners' of the house this week despite the fact that she has not answered my email enquiring as to where we are going to pick up the keys/the exact time they will be out of the house!! (I asked these questions some time ago and she is studiously ignoring me). I think she's in denial that she is going to have to move out of her house. I know it would be nigh on impossible for them to pull out of the sale now, but I have an awful niggling fear that the next email I get will tell me they've changed their minds! (It couldn't happen, it would cost them too much, but even so.


So at the moment Andy and I are choosing rugs and dining chairs. Thank heavens for the internet is all I can say. Otherwise think of all the time trawling the shops - not that there is much choice in this town!


We spent the weekend at Lettuce's and all went to a mutual friend's party round the corner, kids and all. It was lovely to see all the old faces. It all felt very normal and comfortable to be amongst people I have known for a long time. Sadly, we had to come away long before the party had finished because of our youngest practically being asleep on her feet. But we managed to drink cava for a good seven hours anyway! (4pm until 11pm! - heehee)


Ah, well, it's Monday morning, back to work. Oh, and I have to collect my doggy who's been in kennels all weekend and wondering where I am! (NOT)


Monday, June 18, 2007


It's been a while since I wrote anything here.

Well, it's exactly two weeks until we take possession of our new house. As it is empty I have been popping up and tending the garden. A neighbour saw me today carrying out sacks of prunings. We stopped and chatted for a while, I introduced myself, he introduced himself, he was very friendly. Four hours later when I logged on to the computer an email popped up from the 'owners' saying 'friends tell me you have been doing extensive work in the garden, ...the bins are full....we are informing our solicitor.....please do not go in our garden again!" I feel sick when I get emails like this! They are never going to live in this house again. Really, does it matter if I clear up the garden? These people live in Dubai. They will return for two days. I think I made the mistake of being friendly with this man and telling him that although we 'compete' on the 2nd July we won't be moving in until the 12th because we are having work done. No doubt this has been passed on already. The bastard! He seemed so nice! Well, I suppose his loyalties lie with his old neighbours. Only to be expected. Harrumph.

I'm upset now, so I won't go on about how busy I have been trying to get decorators/plastereres/plumbers/floor sanders/fireplace fitters to do work before we move in.


I've been losing weight with all this dog walking. Which is nice. I'm not as 'thin' (hahah) I was last summer when I lost some weight, so I have to get some 'will power' from somewhere so I can reduce for our holiday this summer. SOON!!!


This is a highly boring blog post....I'm upset (not about the boring post!). I have to apply some 'cognitive therapy' to my horrible email. Right, I'm off to try some....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happiness is...............

A very early morning in early June..... on the England/Welsh borders in the sunshine...and a lovely Welsh river.

A very happy, smiley dog who loves life, (and loves me) and makes an early morning walk wonderful......

Oh yes, and cow parsley....I love cow parsley, it makes me feel happy!

Oh yes, happiness also is.......

We've finally exchanged on this house! So, 2nd July, we'll be in!