Monday, August 25, 2008



Back from our extremely last minute holiday to the Sarf of France!
When I say last minute it more or less was.....First there was the drip drip water torture on the husband....'oh, this English summer is so awful, if I don't get away, I'll get clinically depressed'

Then the surreptitious buying of cheap pool toys such as blow up doughnut rings and lilo's in the shape of a flip flop.
The secret calling of dog kennels to provisionally book our dog in for three weeks.

Then the trawling of French holiday home websites for last minute gite availability!
Then, the looking at tents for the journey up and back (budget you know)
The secret purchasing of camping stoves/picnic ware/etc
And suddenly we were on the boat to Calais - just like that! Hardly any effort involved at all (said Andy! - tsk!)

We had a wonderful time, my parents joined us for the gite bit of the holiday down near Carcassonne. We visited friends who are resident down there, and friends visited us who have a holiday home down there - all very very sociable. I could go on, and on about my holiday are some pics!

Only one person in our family is able to eat Moules frites and she's nearly 14 - but even this amount she found rather scary!

No such trouble with Iles Flottante! (that wonderful french delicacy! NOT!) (can you see the sea in the background? That's the Med! That's where we lost our first blow up doughnut ring thingy as it blew away in an offshore breeze - the lifeguards whizzing up and down in their boats refused to retrieve it for us, how bad is that! (heehee) We watched it disappear off until it was a pink spot on the horizon.
Lots of messing about in the pool! (with the one remaining ring!)

Visiting 'long standing' friends. Yes, that's me grinning wildly in a pink way next to the brown and distinctly smaller Tat! (as in Tat - really, I don't have the time to remember how to do links!)

And friends come to visit us!

Ewww, scary!

And their dog!

And then, a complete change from Med to Mountain! Andy got some Tour de France climbs in - we followed in the car!

Lots of this for two days - then off to the Atlantic Coast for three days.

We stayed on one campsite ( a municipal one) which had mainly French people in. We loved the campsite but it was situated amongst miles and miles of pine trees (Les Landes), which could turn a person mad if you had to live there permanently! (well, me and Therese Desqueroux (Yes, I remember my French A level literature)).

Our last night was spent in Chinon in the Loire Valley - the campsite was next to this river with the Chateau of Chinon overlooking us.

The next day, our final day, we had to drive five hours to Calais. It rained all the way, but when we arrived at the Channel the sun came out. We had a few hours to kill so we went to Wissant (20 minutes down the coast). We used to go to Wissant a lot when we lived in London, for the day.

And, so that was our wonderful holiday!
Now, I'm back home (and glad to be) but am thinking about going back to work next week and how I have to teach (TEACH!!!) GCSE English to Year 10's and 11's. I'm thinking I'd better get on and read 'Of Mice and Men'!