Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's official folks, being Billy No Mates is cool! Well, according to my Red magazine which was delivered yesterday. They did a whole article on women who do things on their own. One woman, like me, takes herself to the cinema, toute seule!

I have become slightly paranoid about this Robin malarkey. Why would a robin wind up brown bread in a pot next to my backdoor? As I was walking back from delivering children to school this morning (yes, I drove the mile there, parked the car, dropped kids and WALKED back) I happened to walk in a field (we live in the country, and therefore, unavoidable) and I got followed along the hedge by a ROBIN! I began to feel like that woman from 'The Birds' (was it Tippy Hedron?) OR, another explanation as my oldest pointed out, that nasty neighbours are depositing dead things near our back door as a vendetta? However, youngest, suggested that the bird merely flew into the glass panel of the conservatory (where the back door is) and knocked itself out and died, no less. Well, rational explanation from the youngest member of the family! BTW - I disposed of the other robin with my hands in about seven plastic bags!

Anyway, hubby now in Scotland. He phoned me just now to say he had just landed and it was -8c and blowing a blizzard! Aren't we glad we don't live in Scotland today?

On my way back home before I walked in a field (I am rambling now, literally and figuratively) I went to my local Co-op. They do Co-op BIGTIME in Ipswich. However, they are a million miles different from Co-op Charlton SE7. Not only do they know what an avocado is, the shop assistants are not covered head to foot in tatoos, gold, or have a serious dental problem. The secondary school pupils that were in there this morning had no air of menace about them either and were not shouting words that I didn't understand at the top of their voices. Neither was there a burly security man standing at the entrance! I didn't know the world could be like this! (although, did notice the shop assistant had an extra thumb and there was a banjo behind the till)

Monday, January 30, 2006

got the jitters

two reasons why I am feeling a little jittery;

a) was in Sainsbury's today at about 12.30 when hubby called for chat. He said he was just out and about in the city in his lunchhour. We chatted for a bit and then we hung up. Five minutes later he rang again to say that the city had been evacuated (or cordoned off or something) as there was a bomb scare and that he was on his way back to the office and was OK. I just thought 'oh, no, not again' But so far nothing on the news about anything, so probably just a suspect package.

b) Opening my back door with my shopping when I got home I looked down at the bay tree pot by the door and there was a dead robin there. He was my mate that robin. But more worrying, why did he die? I know robins don't migrate but I really don't want to dispose of his body incase he died of the flu,know what I mean? Why bird flu would appear in my garden I have no idea, but come to think of it, I haven't seen the pleasant pheasant today.........

good morning!

Hello blog! Well, it certainly was funny/odd going back to our old manor. But I had no wishes to return to be honest. Though youngest child, A found it very difficult. She cried when we left and said 'why did we have to move when we were happy?' oh god, how we screw up our childrens' lives. She's been the most happy here really, settling in and making friends as if she's never been anywhere else. It was difficult for her to see her old house and that they've changed it. And she had a sleep over with her best friend and it was hard for her to leave such familiar surroundings.

BTW blog, we discovered the reasons for hubby's grumpiness. He had a Harley Street (insurance) consultation about his pelvis (which was fractured last year in bike accident). The bit of pelvis that broke off has not healed at all and is just held together with scar tissue. So he has to choose, stay as he is or opt for surgery to pin it back together which would mean incapacitation again. He hadn't told me he had an appointment until he got home and when he got home he shed a tear, which is EXTREMELY rare for my man I can tell you.

We had a lovely weekend, although I'm too old for this lark - I felt so rough and so knackered when we got back last night! Woke up on SUnday (at E and R's) morning with hangover and burning aesophagus from too much wine! (that never used to happen). But the worst thing was the creased face that didn't uncrease and still hasn't!

But we had a lovely lovely time and it was great to see our friends. Also heard big news! Woolwich has a Costa Coffee! We really should never have left!

We also heard a funny LIDL story to add to Trac's. Lidl put funny adverts in local press to say what's on offer that week. They always offer weird esoteric things like bike locks or wet suits (!!). But the other week they offered DVD recorder/players for a song. Our friend M thought 'that's a bargain, I'll venture over to LIDL in Welling and buy one'. Having just dropped his children off at school he arrived at LIDL at bit before it opened, only to find millions of Welling types (you'll know what I mean), milling around the door, pushing and shoving. The minute the doors opened it was like the beginning of the 100 m at the olympics. Old ladies pushing him to the side to get to the DVD players! (He did manage to get one, but only just!)

Well, let's see what pans out this week... nothing planned except hubby has trip away to Bonnie Scotland for three days, so girls and I will be alone and scared in this house because we are SUCH wimps.

One last thing, took H to see my sister who is a nurse practitioner who said that H has a lovely condition called Tinia something or other, which to us , is RINGWORM!!!! She was able to prescribe all sorts of fungal washes. She either caught it from one of the farm children (joke) or more than likely her Guinea pigs. Quite glad it's not eczema actually.

Friday, January 27, 2006

living for the weekend!

So, Simon Hughes has had to fess up as well now (as if we didn't know). Honestly, the tabloid press annoys me. Really annoys me. Although, I didn't approve of the Mark Oaten thing because he was a deceitful liar to his family. Poor Simon Hughes has not pretended to be something he isn't but just tried to keep his private life private. One's sexuality isn't the issue it's the lack of honesty that is.

Also, I'm a bit worried about the Palestinian issue now. Will be watching with interest how long it will take the US to intervene and overthrow a party that has been democratically elected, just because they are enemies to Israel. (Oh, I know it's quite a bit more complex than that, but, this is my blog!)

Anyway, enough of world issues! I'm off to Blue Water tomorrow! Going to meet my friend Sue for a chatfest. We are all going but hoping that A will take the kids off to Claire's accessories for 2 hours while me and sue can get down to some good chatting. You know, eleven year old girls have a habit of REALLY wanting to listen to what mum and friend are talking about, and get SO affronted when they are told that their mother is having a private conversation. Honestly, they think they own us!

Poor H, has developed a funny skin condition on her stomach, a bit on her inner thigh and a bit on her inner upper arm. It's itchy and the scabby bits are round - any ideas? I think it's a type of dermatitis, or ezcema (never had it before). Any ideas? Since we've been here she's been wearing tights to school (proper laydee tights) which might have aggravated the skin, coupled with the stress of the move and stuff.

Well. After Blue Water we are going into London to stay with E and R for the night. They are our old next door neighbours - it'll be funny staying next door to our old house! Apparantly the new owners have knocked down a few walls and painted the conservatory orange and put lots of ferns and wicker furniture in it! (ewww) On the Sunday , we are going to C and M's for Sunday lunch, so a good weekend is in the offing!

Oh, yes, talking to one of my 'new friends' at tennis yesterday. We were discussing houses and how long it took them to find theirs (they moved last September). I asked 'have you got a big garden?' to which she replied 'yes, it's pretty big, we've put a swimming pool at the end and my
husband wants to build a tennis court!" Oh, so that'll be pretty big then! Also, my friend at Otley Hall asked if I wanted to come and join her at her tennis court for a game of doubles at some time? I know it's my own inferiority complex but I'm struggling to feel comfortable in this 'milieu', all their children go to private schools. I'm just a normal gal from Charlton, innit? I dunno I need some therapy! Yes, I know, I am just 'being myself' , and they're all lovely people who seem to like me too, so no doubt I'll get used to all this as I get to know them as 'people'. Better, hurry up with the diet if I'm going to be invited to pool parties come the summer!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


My word, not only is it cold in these parts, it's also blowy!

Well, a few things to say, blog. Went out last night with 'the girls' to this local pub. Thought it might be a bit staid, because let's face it lots of women my age have got to become a bit weary and boring.......but NOT a bit of it ....they are all really cool and in my opinion, not a bit boring. One woman had recently been to a Hen Night in Brighton which was a session of pole dancing!!! They turned up, had to get dressed up in outrageous clothes that had very little material and had a lesson in pole dancing, then had to do it!! This woman said that her husband never had a picture of her in his wallet before. He does now! Typical, men only love us when we are dressed as hookers doing pole dancing!

As for my husband, he's not loving me at all at the moment. For the ten minutes I saw him yesterday he was still grumpy and made the comment 'this place is a mess, what have you been doing all day?' (well, surfing the net, chatting on msn to S, riding my bike around and doing the telegraph sudoko, anything wrong with that?). I jest, I had done all the requisite things a 'housewife is supposed to do' including spend at least an hour and a half making our dinner which was a recipe off the Sainsbury's calendar 'duck wrapped in cabbage leaves' (actually it was delicious), then straight after school , taking youngest to tennis lesson, followed by the both of them having their olympic swimming training until 8.30! Huh how dare he?

I think he's feeling a bit bad for being moody because he phoned me today and was cheerful and interested in my evening. However, I was in the middle of my tennis session so couldn't talk! He has to go away next week on business, I think that might be stressing him out, let's give him the benefit of the doubt shall we?

There was a car crash outside our house this morning. No one was hurt but the guy had to wait with his car for the recovery lorry. I let him use our loo and gave him a cup of tea, I felt a little uncomfortable letting a stranger into my house when I was all alone, this house is so private with all the doors and windows facing open countryside that I feel quite nervous sometimes. But hey, I'm still here and my karma is in the black!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

note to rosie

rosie, your email address is no longer! I wanted to write, but you are incommunicado! Please email me your email address (I put mine in my card if you still have it!) Lots of love Lu

pleasant pheasant

There might come a time in the not too distant when the rabbits in my garden become such a nuisance that I go out and with my twelve bore and take potshots. THere are so many of them now, surely when spring springs, they will proliferate like...like rabbits!

But that day hasn't arrived yet and today I opened the curtains to see a fluffy bunny sitting on the raised bit between our garden and the field, standing on his hind legs with his ears up - quite a picture postcard. (or sitting target!)

As for the pheasant, he's taken residence under the tree with the bird feeder on, catching the little seeds that fall down. And they say pheasants are thick - not this one! He might end up as lunch one day, when the Country Living magazine runs a feature on hanging game!

Well, last night hubby threw a major strop with me. And I wasn't aware I'd done anything worse than book our summer holiday! However, we tried to get a Brittany ferry and having left it to the new year as opposed to September 2005 to book our ferry, there were no places for the friday night crossing (Portsmouth to St Malo) (that we always take). This, was all my fault, somehow, for not consulting with him about the day we took the house, and why did I pick the first day of the school holidays when everyone will be on the boat (will they?) He didn't talk to me all night and only managed a goodnight through closed lips when he went to bed.

I emailed the owner, who said we could take the house on the friday instead, so we will take the Thursday night ferry instead - sorted. Bastard! (is that too strong?)

Watched 'you are what you eat again' last night - bloody hell! As for the pooh - do we really need to see that?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

stand back my halo is glowing

By gum, blog, it's mighty cold in East Anglia! When I'm on my bike my bum and thighs get SO cold - who said blubber was supposed to keep you warm?

Went for swim today. First time I've been for a fitness swim in ages. The water was lovely and warm and I did only 30 lengths as I didn't have much time. Really warmed me up! Especially my bum and thighs!

Met my neighbour today for the first time - they live about 100 yards away in a cute little cottage. They were a lovely retired couple who gave me their phone number should I ever need anything. They'd already clocked us though, knew our car and everything! (even what school the kids went to! Not much goes on in East Anglia (too cold))

A and I have been enjoying 'Life on Mars'. Do you think a 40 something person might have written it perhaps? I love all the old references - like white dog poo - you never see it any more!

Monday, January 23, 2006

monday monday

Well, this is how my Monday morning started.

Woke up, woke my children gently and went to kitchen to make porridge for us all. Came back through to sitting room where oldest (what a good girl she is) was already sitting on sofa in school uniform (she bathed last night). Gave her her porridge and a blackcurrant vitamin tablet. So far so nice. Went to get A out of bed, she was reluctant. Managed to lure her out with the fact CBBC was on. First of all, she rejected her porridge, not runny enough. Then rejected her vitamin, (wanted a strawberry one). So, mugsy mother, made her porridge runnier and changed the vitamin. By this time, H was hair brushed and in shoes and A was still in knickers sitting in chair. Mother had to shout and then (get this) had to bring her school uniform to youngest. Half the school uniform was rejected (skirt, not trousers, ) then the wrong tights (wrong colour). Oldest was now shouting from back door "come on we have to go". Packed lunch was rejected by youngest who was now crying, and mother was shouting (wrong bread). We got to the car, with A still crying and complaining about her shirt (the collar was too big !!) and she had toothpaste in her hair and couldn't get the brush through it. Got to school. H got out and ran in (like the good girl she is). A sat in car crying and refusing to take seat belt off in front of bus stop with people at. Bearing in mind, she is seven, this behaviour isn't right is it? We get this regularly. Finally, a weeping child was taken into main reception and given to receptionist to be taken to class (late). WHY? I ask....... Any advice gratefully received. She's an anxious little soul and is worrying about their show at school 'joseph'. She goes from being confident enough to audition for the main part and then worrying that she doesn't know the words.

I was listening to Jeremy Vine today on Radio 2 and they had a phone in on Mr Oaten and what people think of these revelations that he's been having relationships with rent boys! Well, call me a Daily Telegraph reading reactionary but I think it's disgraceful! If he wasn't married, I'd think differently but he's made out he's a happily married man with no secrets and then this. I feel sorry for his wife. A lot of people were phoning in and saying his private life is his own. So,I'm more conservative than the Radio 2 listenership! Aaargh.

(The improved lunch was cycled in later by mother)

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Hello Blog, spent a lovely day in London with my friend S yesterday. We met in Islington and went here http://www.londonartfair.co.uk . We had a splendid time looking at art. One of my faves is David Mach, check him out, http://www.davidmach.com After that we went to Soho and had fancy french tarts and Earl Grey at Maison Bertaux.
Then we went to see
a Cock and Bull story, which was excellent and VERY funny. After this we went to http://www.wagamama.com . Then I hugged my good friend good bye at her station (which used to be mine) and made my way back up to Liverpool street. It was about 9pm and I thought the train might be a bit quiet but NO it was packed. However, I got a seat, and with my costa cappucino and Daily Telegraph Sudoku, and headphones plugged into my phone radio (Stuart Maconie), I was in heaven. Home for 10.15, glass of wine with A and he had kindly taped Sea of Souls. The perfect end to a perfect day!

I didn't go to see Mrs Henderson Presents. My NEW friend phoned me to say she just couldn't make it as she was too stressed as they were going away for weekend the next day and she had too much to do. But we will do it another week.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rosie, rosie, rosie, where have you gone?

Rosie, where have you gone? I didn't realise you were really going when you offered to sell your site (I put an anonymous bid on, but didn't think it was serious!) You must have made the million copper comments.

I'm not sure I have your email address do I? Did you put it in my leaving card? Shall I dig it out?

I'm happy!

Hello blog. I'm happy, and I'll tell you why!

Went to tennis this morning. Played my favourite game of all time badly for two hours, that made me happy. But that's not all.....no not at all! After, yes we had coffee, and that was lovely too but that's not why either! There's a nice woman, my age, who goes to tennis and she asked if anyone had any wellies size six that she could borrow. I said she could borrow ours, ah my generosity paid dividends...let that be a life lesson to us all. She came back to mine, borrowed the boots and stayed for a coffee. That was at 1pm. THree hours later, I'm back through the door after going back to hers, looking round her LOVELY house, and meeting her gorgeous dog and generally chatting about life. I really like her, she's lovely. I think I've made a proper friend. AND she invited me out for girls night out in the pub next Wednesday! ALSO, got invited to go to the pictures tonight by another woman, it's Mrs Henderson presents, but hey, I'll suffer a not so good film for the opportunity to sit in a cinema with someone I know!

The other thing she did by showing me her house and her neighbourhood was prove to me that I can't live in the country and am happier with a community around me. Where we live now is neither in a village or the town but between both and therefore, in no man's land.

So now I have my friends in the blogosphere and friends in the real world! Things are looking up!

Btw the picture is of the Corn Exchange in Ipswich. All the goths hang out on the steps. I think all the goths in Ipswich go to private school!

One of the women at tennis lives here http://www.otleyhall.co.uk ! She lived in Highbury with her hubby. Sold up 2 years ago and moved into this! Gordon bloody bennet!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hi Blog, was thinking about lookalikeys today after a man in Woolworths the other day, came up to me and said I was the spitting image of Fern Britten, "but you're not as big" quoth he. Ha, bet I am! Thinking of other lookilikeys , my brother in law Kevin looks like Noel Edmonds - judge for yourself!

Well, apart from my Daily Telegraph habit I also have a radio 2 habit (aarghh, what am I turning into!). But, I was thinking, maybe in London I was overloaded in the sensory department because I never listened to music the way I listen to it here. Today, I heard a Beach Boys song called Heroes and Villains. I've never really listened to the Beach Boys before, yes, I like them, but this time I heard all the little things in the background - it was lovely, it was as if I was stoned!! Maybe, really, it's because the kitchen is small and therefore the music more amplified, I don't know. Anyway, listen to Heroes and Villains again to see what I mean.

I went for a bike ride today. I've been riding my bike every day in a bid to get fit and so far I've managed it! (good for me!) I saw a house on the Rightmove website which has just come up, so I thought I'd ride over to this village and check it out. The advert said that the village was little known - I should coco, I couldn't find it and I took an ordnance survey map with me! Still, I got a lot of exercise!

The girls had their second swimming lesson tonight. They don't half take their swimming seriously in Ipswich! Millions of the little darlings ploughing up and down, up and down. When I mentioned this to Andy, he said, oh, yes they do that, Karen Pickering trained at Ipswich Swim School, (who she?) They must be doing something right because Al dived in today for the first time ever. In London, she hadn't done her 50m - now she can dive in the deep end - what's that all about then?

Oh, by the way, the house we will be staying in is in Brittany - so those that need guaranteed sun every day, forget it. However, it's beautiful, fantastic biking country and from this house it's a good walk to the nearest creperie/bar - but dooable. And, it's very quiet. The people who own this house live in Paris. They have four children, and are a bit perfect actually. She's a writer and he's a financial director of a company in Paris - I know, I've googled them. They are in who's who!!! They have a Royal Name!!! (I won't mention the name) When I asked them why they didn't want the house themselves in the summer they said they go to SOuth of France sailing in the summer and use the Brittany house for weekends from Paris! Oh, how the other half live! I will ask if they want to rent it out to someone else. Btw the price is 1500 euro's per week which for a five bed gaff with a maid is cheap, non?

AND furthermore, Tittybangbang....can't believe you've not watched this. A new comedy programme, women doing funny sketches. Can't tell you when or what time it's on, I'm not that anal! Apart from ER, Thursdays at 9 - religious broadcast you know!

still hump day, or I've got the hump day!!

Well, it's only half past eleven (am) and I am adding to this blog. I REALLY must get a life!

Outside school today I knocked someone's mirror with my mirror. Our car being superb design was unscathed, the mirror just pinged in. But the other car's mirror (a people carrier) broke, and the back silver bit was left on the road. After delivering children, I went back to look and it appeared that it had just come off and could be put back on again. I hovered around a bit not knowing what to do and then decided it wasn't really damaged so left. Now I feel really guilty! I phoned A (naturally, one does!) who said don't worry they can just put the thing back on. I keep fantasising that lots of parents are going to gang up on me in the playground! SHould I go looking for owner later tonight and offer to pay for any damage? Maybe I should....

Also, I have developed a serious Daily Telegraph habit (yes, I know, my mum's fault for getting me into the crossword). Anyway, they've been running this special fitness, and emotional detox series which I've been following. Today, it talks about where you should be in your forties (I'm 41, yes, I know don't look a day over 30!). Bit scary. I should be much more sussed than I am. Apparently I should have full control over my finances and know that I am well covered for my retirement. Well, A does all that. I'm just a child in that respect - must try harder.

Have been enjoying the new Tittybangbang especially the maid who says 'i'm shy, don't look at me'!! ha ha very funny.

Well, as it's still only morning, expect more later from this saddo!

Wednesday hump day (I wish)

Speaking of humping....in 'It's me or the dog' last week, there was a bulldog who 'humped' everything that stayed still long enough. Poor Al, being 7 didn't realise that 'humping' meant trying to mate it and her and her friend were simulating 'humping' in the playground! When a boy said to them 'uuhhh you're having sex, the penny dropped with Al. She was quite upset about it when she got home as she hadn't realised (naturally). I await the social workers any minute!

DIdn't go to flicks last night. Factotum isn't on until next week so stayed in and watched a lovely family programme (NOT). 'you are what you eat' - oh my God. A man who was eleven stone overweight! Followed by 'it's me or the dog' - no humping this week, I'm pleased to say!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday 16th

Hello Blog, bit of a quiet day today. But forgot to say that we got through Saturday, well I got through it and Holly arrived home unscathed. A rite of passage has been ...um passaged, without a River Phoenix or Matt Dillon in sight!

One thing I like about living here, and getting to like it better and better every day,is the view out of my window in the mornings. On Sunday, I opened the curtains and there were two jack rabbits cavorting round the lawn. Well, they looked like they were playing but I think spring is springing and they were feeling their sap rising. The other thing I saw this morning is a pheasant strutting across the lawn, quite comical as it speeded up to a run in open ground and slowed down under the trees in a nonchalent manner.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday 14th Jan

Hi blog, been looking at my friend Tanya's blog and enjoyed her meme. Here's mine

Four jobs you've had: A) Bar work in night club
b) Harbour hand, Brighton marina
C) TEFL teacher
D) Running posh shop in Kingston (LOndon, not Jamaica)
Four films you could watch over and over:
a. The Great Escape
b. Cinema Paradiso
c. Broadcast News (love this film don't know why)
d. Some like it hot.

Four places you've lived:

Swindon, London - Nottinghill, Fulham, Blackheath, Charlton, Ipswich and Brighton

Four TV shows you love to watch:

ER, Six Feet Under, What Not to Wear, It's me or the Dog (strangely)

Four places you've been on vacation;

a: Norway,
b: USA
c: Italy
d: France

Four blogs you visit daily:
ummmm. Tatstips, and Rosie's

Four of your favourite foods:

there are so many..... Kettle Chips, Hicory smoked almonds, Fresh Cream Belgian Chocolates, Sushi

Four places you'd rather be:

a; The Pyrennees
b: The Vosges
c: Avignon
d: Soho

Four albums you can't live without:

a; really don't know, dare I admit but I really like WIll Young (I know!!!), Paul Weller's latest, anything Andy plays on the iPod

Four vehicles you've owned

A Citroen Dyane
A Volvo Amazon
A Vauxhall thingy
A Fiat Multipla

Well, that was fun! And the house in the picture is the house we will be staying in this summer - what a find - it belongs to a French family who appraoched us last year when we were staying in a neighbouring and much inferior property. They wondered if we would be interested in renting in 2006 - we went to see the house - only the best house I have ever been in! 5 bedrooms, five bathrooms and a maid!! Not to mention its on a promintory (sp?) and has nearly 360 views of sea! (AND IT's MUCH CHEAPER THAN LAST YEAR COS IT's A PRIVATE LET! - result!!)

Friday, January 13, 2006

tennis everything

Hello Blog, I'm aching ALL OVER today after playing tennis for two hours yesterday. God, I thought I was going to keel over! I tried my hardest as I was a Newbie, going to every ball, running all over the court, pulling every muscle and having a face like a Belisha Beacon - that dates me, noone knows what they are anymore!

But the tennis was great and the women were all really friendly. We had coffee afterwards. Another of the women was new to Ipswich, so we bonded. Both their husbands are 'something in the city'. By the sound of it they are something more than my husband! But hey, who's comparing (not I, never!) Anyway, the tennis took up the whole morning....which was nice.

Oh, yes, Broke Back mountain and Jake and Heath, what a good gay western that was! Obviously a book and the ending wasn't Hollywood-ised. The characterization was excellent. I've never seen Heath Ledger in any film before but I thought he acted the shy, introvert really well.

The cinema was completely full and I was asked to move up to let a couple sit down, it was plainly obviously to the people to the left and right of me that I was alone which I felt rather self-conscious about. But hey ho, let them think what they like. Next week, I'm going to watch JarHead (Sam Mendes). The reviews that I've read say it's not a classic like Three Kings (which I love) but the scenes and cinematography are fabulous.

Going to London next Saturday to see the Contemporary Art Exhibition in Islington. Meeting S there, we plan to go out for Japanese food (can't wait) and a foreign film after! What culture! Have to have my fix!

H is going to town tomorrow to meet two friends outside Marks and Spencer. Naturally, mother is very anxious, as she's never been anywhere on her own before, but it has to be done. Gulp.

Well, that's all for now. Got K coming over for dinner tonight as C is abroad so he's on his ownsome. Have to be restrained with my drinking and eating. Diet going well, my jeans are feeling loser already. (keep it up Luce, ed)

Anyway, the blog name is apt, I am prone to rambling!

Oh, yes, R, if you read this....in my PGCE application, it asked me what aspect of teaching had I been reading about in the news, or a book or publication. I, naturally have not been reading anything about education so I cited the AST, in my old school - that's you R! as my own personal text book, and all the tips you'd given me about classroom management and creating a nurturing environment!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Day...I don't know, I've completely lost count now

Hello Blog. It's Jan 9th and just to let you know that I am back to my old self. Lost myself for a bit but back to my old self now. I was worried for a bit that I'd become weird and reclusive but took myself in hand and averted a situation! So, in last two days have joined the tennis club (what's a few hundred pounds between friends, this is my social life I'm talking about), gone to see Matchpoint at the cinema alone, applied to do a PGCE, started a diet, thought about mending the puncture in my bike, got the girls signed up for swimming lessons starting tomorrow, got a yoga class sorted out, enquired about life drawing classes at local college, thought about starting flamenco lessons! Phew, all I need now are a few friends. I must say going to the cinema on my own wasn't a problem until I walked into the auditorium which was full of people who weren't on their own and I had to find a seat in a nearly packed cinema. I was expecting the place to be nearly empty but no it was practically full. I;m going to see Broke Back mountain tomorrow night on my own. I have to see this film and as there is no one to go with I go alone, wish me luck!

I have made contact with some people and in fact been invited to a private view at swanky art gallery in town next week! Canapes here we come...oh no, I'm on a diet.

It was having visitors from my old life that made me feel like me again. I realised I hadn't changed just by moving and my friends are still my friends.

ANyway, that's all for now. More anon.